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Yin yoga

Vi tilbyder også yin yoga hos Samavesayoga. Yin Yoga giver stilhed og ro til kroppen. Vi er lokaliseret i Århus, med deltagere fra Viby, Risskov og højbjerg.

Yin Yoga: The Art of Finding Stillness and Giving the Body Rest

Yin yoga can offer stillness and give the body time to work. Yin yoga is based on Chinese medicine and works to get the energy (chi) flowing in the body. Therefore, this form of yoga primarily works with the connective tissue in either stretching or compression, and for the yoga to be effective, it is necessary to hold the positions for a long time—typically 3 to 8 minutes at a time.

When the positions are held for such long periods, the body has the opportunity to let go of the muscles and release tensions. The breath may flow a little easier and find peace. When you settle down, and your muscles relax, you may also be able to let go of your mind and thoughts.

When you practice Yin yoga, you will be able to train to:

  • Let go of your body
  • Let go of your breath
  • Let go of your mind

Yin yoga looks calm and relaxed, but make no mistake. It is a strong therapeutic form of yoga that will bring you into close contact with your body.

Vi har gratis prøvetimer til Yin Yoga hos Samavesayoga. Træn at give slip på krop, åndedræt og sind hos os! Vi er beliggende i Århus, med kunder fra blandt andet Højbjergm Viby og Risskov.

We offer free trial classes in Yin Yoga at Samavesayoga.

Train to let go of body, breath, and mind with us! We are located in Aarhus, with customers from areas including Højbjerg, Viby, and Risskov. Get a free trial class and see if it’s for you At Samāveśa, you have the opportunity to get a free trial class so you can see if our yoga instruction is right for you before you pay for a membership.

You can find more information about our memberships, prices, and our free trial class by clicking here.

We are centrally located in downtown Aarhus, with good bus connections to Risskov, Højbjerg, and Viby.

A yoga studio in Aarhus

We are a yoga studio in Aarhus that shares our passion for yoga with everyone who wants to join. We offer a sanctuary where you can move your body and mind away from the everyday, where you can take time for yourself and your practice

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