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At Samāveśa yoga, you have the space to immerse yourself. We teach intuitively from the heart and create space for each other, and for your practice. Whether you are new or have been on the mat for many years.

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Yoga for everyone

Do you wish to delve into the world of yoga and be met where you are?

Are you new, or do you already have an in-depth knowledge of yoga but need a place where you can practice in community with others? Visit Samāveśa Yoga Studio in Aarhus.

We are centrally located and have yogis from all over Aarhus and the surrounding areas, including Højbjerg, Viby, Risskov, and several other nearby areas.

Hos samavesayoga tilbyder vi yoga for alle. Vi er beliggende i Århus, med deltagere fra hele omegnen, herunder Højbjerg, Viby og Risskov.

You can find our class descriptions and read more about each class by clicking here.

Get a free trial yoga class

Are you a beginner, or do you already have extensive experience, and would you like to try us out before you sign up for one of our classes? Then you have the opportunity to get a free trial class.

If you are interested in immersion and want to meet the different aspects of yoga, then visit us – we look forward to seeing you!

Samavesayoga tilbyder yogaundervisning på hold, og for alle. Vi har lokaler i Århus, men med deltagere fra blandt andet Risskov, Viby og Højbjerg.

Bright and atmospheric premises with room for everyone

Samāveśa Yoga Studio is a bright and atmospheric yoga studio in Aarhus, where there is space for everyone, whether you are a beginner or if you carry yoga with you as a lifelong existential practice.

Here, you are invited into a spacious and unpretentious community for everyone who loves yoga. With us, you can unite body and mind in the space you find on the yoga mat.

We see yoga as a tool to control the mind, and we share our passion for yoga with everyone who wants to be part of our community. With us, you have the opportunity to find a sanctuary where you can move your body and mind away from everyday life, and where you can take time to focus only on yourself.

Get yoga instruction in a group

In our yoga studio, we offer a selection of classes where teaching is conducted with knowledge and respect for the traditions of yoga. Our instructors meet you where you are, and they guide you through the wonderful world of yoga.

We offer the following classes:

  • Yin
  • Hatha
  • Vinyasa
  • Gentle Hatha

    A yoga studio in Aarhus

    We are a yoga studio in Aarhus that shares our passion for yoga with everyone who wants to join. We offer a sanctuary where you can move your body and mind away from the everyday, where you can take time for yourself and your practice

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    • Samavesa Yoga
    • Skt. Pauls Kirkeplads 9 B baghuset 2. sal 8000 Århus C
    • CVR: 41596902