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Class Descriptions

At Samavesa, we practice yoga together. Therefore, there is room for all levels in the hatha and yin classes. However, it is a good idea to have some familiarity with yoga for the vinyasa classes.

Gentle Hatha

In the gentle hatha classes, you will experience a calm flow with a focus on using the body in conjunction with your breath. The focus is on the ‘inner’ experience of yoga.

There will be a longer initial meditation or breathing exercises and a longer guided relaxation.

The intention of the class is for you to experience peace and openness in the body.


In the hatha classes, you will experience a flow that allows time to learn and feel the poses. It is a more stimulating physical but also spiritual practice that gives time to feel both body and mind while you learn the techniques and positions well.

The intention of the classes is to cultivate your body awareness and experience how the mind reacts to the work you do with your body.

Hatha bowspring

In the hatha with bowspring classes, you will experience an approach to movements that more extensively utilizes the body’s natural curves. There is a major focus on muscle activation and on strengthening and activating the natural curves. So, even though the poses are the same, you will experience bowspring as a slightly different way of moving.

The intention of the classes is to cultivate body understanding and experience how the mind reacts to the work you do with your body.


Vinyasa is a dynamic yoga practice. It may include the same exercises you find in hatha yoga, but between the individual positions, a vinyasa is performed, which is a variation of a sun salutation. So, in the vinyasa classes, you will experience a higher tempo and often sweat on the brow.
The intention is to weave the poses with transitions in movement into a meditative flow.


The art of finding stillness. Yin is a practice with the opportunity to find stillness and give the body a chance to work. Yin is based on Chinese medicine and aims to get the energy (chi) flowing in the body.

Yin works with the connective tissue through stretching or compression, and the poses are held for 3 to 8 minutes.

It may look calm, but make no mistake, yin is a strong therapeutic practice that will bring you into closer contact with your body.

A yoga studio in Aarhus

We are a yoga studio in Aarhus that shares our passion for yoga with everyone who wants to join. We offer a sanctuary where you can move your body and mind away from the everyday, where you can take time for yourself and your practice

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