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The world of yoga has a breadth and depth like few others. From knowledge of asanas to the fundamental philosophy and worldview that the traditions are based on. Experiences and knowledge about what yoga does to the body, and what yoga does for the mind. And not least, whether it makes sense to separate the two.

In this blog, over time, we will try to unfold some of the topics we are engaged in. This may involve philosophy, meditation, anatomy, physiology, arthritis, pain, and much more.

Hope you feel like reading along!

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A yoga studio in Aarhus

We are a yoga studio in Aarhus that shares our passion for yoga with everyone who wants to join. We offer a sanctuary where you can move your body and mind away from the everyday, where you can take time for yourself and your practice

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  • Samavesa Yoga
  • Skt. Pauls Kirkeplads 9 B baghuset 2. sal 8000 Århus C
  • CVR: 41596902