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About Samāveśa

Samavesa arose from a vision of a yoga place with a spacious community. A place with room for loving relationships, and space to make room for each other and within you. We teach mindfully, non-dualistically from the heart, knowing that the relationship ‘between’ body and soul is a dance with varied rhythms.

Natural Awareness

Yoga, with its insistence on mindful movements, can be what grounds us and helps bring presence into everyday life. It can also help to release physical blockages, such as a locked lower back, knee or shoulder problems, as well as aid in better digestion and sleep. There are many reasons and motivations to start yoga!

Even though yoga has a long tradition, which in modern times has manifested as various forms of yoga, an all-around practice is what’s important, whether you are in a Yin class or a Vinyasa class.

Therefore, there is plenty of room for diversity within the framework of what the yoga tradition traditionally offers. At Samāveśa, we value diversity. Our teachers have different educations, which allows them to unfold exactly what they are good at within the framework of classical Hatha yoga. And also, there is room for the rest of us, and an opportunity to learn something new!

Therefore, feel free to try a few different teachers before you decide what is best for you.

At Samavesa, we teach intuitively and create space for each other and for your practice, whether you are new or have been on the mat for many years. For those who want to create space for a more spiritual practice and everyday life, and for those who just love to move.

A yoga studio in Aarhus

We are a yoga studio in Aarhus that shares our passion for yoga with everyone who wants to join. We offer a sanctuary where you can move your body and mind away from the everyday, where you can take time for yourself and your practice

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  • Samavesa Yoga
  • Skt. Pauls Kirkeplads 9 B baghuset 2. sal 8000 Århus C
  • CVR: 41596902